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good morning and welcome to news 4 midday, i'm keith russell. >> i'm barbara harrison. i's tuesday october 9, 2012. a judge sentenced jerry sandusky to 30 and no more than 60 years prison. the 68-year-old will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars. the former penn state assistant football coach was convicted in june of sexually abusing ten boys.
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he denied the allegations, talked about his life in prison and the pain of being away from his family. the judge called the case a story of betrayal and sandusky continues to assault their psyche's and souls. one of the victims said you should be ashamed of yourself going on to say i don't forgive you and i don't know if i ever will. here is what one of his lawyers said moments ago. >> we are pleased with the sentence. it's less than we thought it could have been. >> the judge could have given him 100 years to 200 years. the judge was sending a message that what was done required retribution and balanced out the good he's done. >> he maintains his innocence. yesterday, he read another statement on penn state radio. sandusky accused the judge of
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bringing the trial to court too quickly and the lawyers trying to make money in future civil suits. >> they could make me out as a monster and treat me as a monster, but they can't take away my heart. i know i did not do these alleged rksz disgusting acts. >> sandusky plans to file an appeal within ten days. >> amtrak canceled trains and delayed others because of downed power lines. amtrak completely suspended service between d.c. and delaware. megan mcgrath is live at union station with the latest. hey, megan. >> reporter: good morning, keith. we have seen improvement in the situation, that's the good news. crews have been able to open up one of the northbound tracks and trains are running and running up to speed on that track. the second track in the northbound direction, still working on it. it's still closed. we are seeing a mixed bag. some trains headed north to new
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york and boston are getting through. others are not. the 11 a.m. to the big aping was canceled. the northeast regional to new york, two minutes later, that one is getting through. it's a mixed bag at this point. it was not the case this morning when we saw cancellations across the board. >> north of baltimore due to a power outage. >> reporter: abrupt change of plans for many taking amtrak out of union station this morning. they arrived luggage in hands to learn their trains weren't going anywhere. >> all amtrak trains have been delayed. >> upsetting. i only had one day to see my sister. >> reporter: the problem, downed power lines south of aberdeen. trains to newark, new york and boston were canceled. i was going up to new york. a bunch of business meetings.
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i have to decide if i'm going to fly up. >> reporter: they were headed to the big apple to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. >> we decided it would be so easy to take the train rather than drive. we get here, there's no trains and no knowing when they are going to come. >> reporter: amtrak gave no estimates. people worked their smartphones trying to figure out what to do next. >> this has been happening since 1:00 a.m. i would have appreciated an e-mail. >> reporter: there are still no estimates in terms of when they will restore service to that second track. they are working on it. they are trying to do it as quickly as possible, but not giving a ballpark figure of when things will be back to normal. one train is operating and operating at speed. the second one is close. we are seeing a combination of cancellations, delays and some on-time trains at this point.
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train service north of baltimore has been impacted as well. reporting live, megan mcgrath, news 4. back to you. >> hopefully, it gets back under way soon on normal schedule. >> any other delays for travelers?talk to danella. >> nothing attached to the amtrak situation. >> some can't take the train to go north. if you are i-95 northbound in maryland, you are stopped at exit 89. it's been going on for some time. if you are northbound, you are going to be forced off, a lot of travelers jump on route 40 instead. expect delays there. here is a live look. the northbound lanes are blocked between 89 and all the way up to 93. slow commute in that area. barbara and keith, back to you. >> okay. thanks. taking a look outside right now, we have a wet, cold morning out there. >> storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson in for tom kierein. make us feel a little bit better
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than you did yesterday, please. >> okay. the wet weather, the showers are moving out. we are going to be a little bit warmer today. how about that, keith? >> i'll take it. >> he'll take it. good. and maybe you will, too. look at this satellite radar. i wanted to take you back to 5:00 this morning. a lot of folks traveling early had the wet weather. by the time we got to 7:00, 8:00, it moved out. if you look really hard, down around stafford, spots vain ya county, at times you will see a bit of a blue sky breaking through the cloud cover. the clouds will be winning out for the most part. know there will be time periods when the sky could move to the mostly cloudy to partly cloudy in certain areas. 56 degrees right now. not bad. the high yesterday was 55. already we are seeing higher temperatures across the area. it is chilly out there. 52 degrees leesburg, manassas,
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52 right up to montgomery county. for the afternoon, we are going to get close to 60 degrees in a lot of neighborhoods. we have big changes coming. i'll show you in the four-day forecast coming up. >> we'll look forward to it. thanks. police are trying to figure out how a missing teenager died. he went missing after dropping his brother off. his body was found in a park. the discovery was a shock and they need to let the investigation run its course. sources tell news 4 they do not believe the death is suspicious. former d.c. council chairman kwame brown is in court. it could be a violation of the plea agreement. he pleaded guilty of fraud and campaign. he's expected to check in and tell the truth and disclose his
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personal finances. the u.s. attorney's office has not commented. he faces up to a year in prison. the nationals are coming home tied in their series against the cardinals. game two was a rough one. the cards crushed the nats 12-4. after the game, the team was ready to get on a plane and be back in front of the d.c. faithful. >> it's easy to play when they are waving the white towels for you. hopefully when we get home the fans are ready for us and they bring it like they did. >> you know, you work all season to get homefield advantage. you know, we got it. we are going home with the series tied. get a chance to play in front of our fans. >> game three is tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. unless you have a ticket, the game can only be seen on the mlb network. ed win jackson will pitch for
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the nats. chris carpenter will take the mound for the cardinals. no word on the game start time. the orioles are sky high tied with the yankees. after last night's 3-2 win at camden yards. the nats have the remainder of their series home. game three is tomorrow night at yankee's stadium. barbara, we can still have a beltway world series. >> do you have a favorite between the two? >> no. no. i want them both to get there. i'm not offending anyone. >> all right. good answer for a diplomat. 11:09 is the time with less than one month to election day, the presidential candidates are crossing trails. how they are combatting the latest poll numbers. plus, the jump today that could break all kinds of
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records. take away his toys and he'll play with a stick. take away their bikes and they'll still find a way to get where they're going. but if take you away early childhood education... slash k-12 funding... and cut college aid for middle class families ... they won't go far. yet that's exactly what mitt romney wants to do... pay for a $250,000 tax break for multi-millionaires. if mitt romney wins, the middle class loses. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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north korea is making a new threat against the u.s. it claims its missiles can reach the u.s. mainland as well as the u.s. territory of guam. north korea is accusing allies of platting a war against it. the u.s. agreed to let it have longer range missiles that can strike anywhere in the north. north korea hasn't mastered the technology capable to strike the u.s. terrorism adviser heads to libya today. he will get an update on the investigation into the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi last month. chris stevens was killed there.
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it comes before congress holds their first hearing on the attack. he will testify before the house oversight committee. the state department ignoring requests for additional protection in the weeks and months before the deadly attack. romney is now leading in at least one poll. a new sewurvey shows romney holding the lead, 49% to 45%. the governor trailed the president last month. the poll shows romney's favoribility is rising and he's making gains among women and hispanic voters. mitt romney and president obama will be campaigning in the heartland today. romney is in iowa this morning. it's his seventh trip to iowa since finishing second in january. romney will also be stopping by ohio where the president will be
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this afternoon. mr. obama will be at ohio state university in cluolumbus. he's campaigned on 30 college campuses this year. the first lady is campaigning in northern virginia. she will speak to supporters at the loudoun county fairgrounds this evening. virginia has been a common stop for both candidates and their spouses. mitt romney and his wife made multiple stops there yesterday. the first lady's event opens to the public at 2:45 this afternoon. people who live in the district, today is the last day you can register to vote by mail. applications are available online and at public libraries, firehouses and police stations. if you miss the deadline, you can register to vote during early voting. the election is tuesday, november 6th. storm team 4 meteorologist, veronica johnson inside. >> did you feel it? the cold easing up? >> i felt it a little bit.
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>> just a little bit. >> a little bit. >> i just want it not to be so damp. >> there's something about when it's damp, it gets into your bones. >> the worst combination. >> do we still need rain? >> we are down over seven inches. when it gets cold like this, people don't want the rain. they want it to be dry with a calm wind. we are at 56 degrees right now as you take a look over the potomac. the cloud cover is hanging tough. a mostly cloudy sky. dew point temperature is 48 degrees. the humidity at 75%. that's the moisture that is still hanging in the air that we are talking about. we may have seen the showers move out this morning. again, still a lot of moisture left hanging around. when you look down to the south, again, you can see the holes in the cloud cover. we are seeing more of them show up so it is quite possible there might be a few counties down to the south. stafford county, you may hang on
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with partly cloudy skies. more sun coming your way. as far as showers, most of them off to the east. one shower left hanging around 495 north of clinton. so, little bit of spotty moisture again in the form of a little bit of drizzle left there around the area. future cast, i'll take you through the next couple hours, where we are going to be tomorrow morning. partly cloudy sky. in the afternoon, breaks of sunshine. there is another front that's coming up that will be moving through. the front will move through late tomorrow. ahead of the front, a southerly winld. ahead of the front, we'll see the highest temperatures getting into the upper 60s to around 70. then, the front moves through. we may get back into sunshine at the end of the week. behind the front, it's back to highs in the low and mid-60s for thursday and possibly friday. for the afternoon, again a little bit of sun coming our way. feeling like november. 57 to 60 degrees is the high
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temperature for today. tomorrow, we get back to october. know that during the overnight period, it's going to be chilly. the evening partly cloudy. you'll need a warm jacket as temperatures drop from the mid-50s to the upper 40s for the evening. by tomorrow morning, starting out in the 40s to about 50 degrees. here is a look at the four-day forecast. you can see a few clouds for tomorrow. again, nats back in town. the high temperature, 70 degrees. partly sunny. it's mostly sunny conditions expected on thursday. the high 64 degrees. so, a little bit of moisture hanging in the air today as we look at the next four days, we don't have any chance of rain. we are going to go from cool november-type conditions to warmer feeling more like october tomorrow. we'll take a look at your extended forecast. it does include the ever important weekend in a couple minutes. >> it's always important if it's the weekend.
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thanks a lot. we have a check on the midday traffic with danella. >> what's going on? >> problems northbound 95 because of the earlier tractor trailer accident. if you are heading northbound, you are blocked at exit 89 to 93. you have to jump on route 40, jump on that instead and expect delays. you can see the travel lanes are blocked. bridge work, if you are crossing over the 14th street bridge, bridgework blocking the right lanes in this area. stick to the left and you make your way to the district just fine. back to you. >> okay. thanks. it's 19 minutes after 11:00. still ahead, the dos and don'ts while preparing for a big race. plus, why you should read beauty product labels and why you should question what they say. >> first, here is a look at what's hot on let me tell you how i will create 12 million jobs
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when president obama couldn't. first, my energy independence policy means more than three million new jobs. many of them in manufacturing. my tax reform plan to lower rates for the middle class and for small business creates seven million more. and expanding trade, cracking down on china, and improving job training takes us to over 12 million new jobs. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message.
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october is a big month for runners in the area. thousands will participate in the army ten miler, the marine corps run and others this month. we have a look at mistakes to avoid on race day. you say there are quite a few, huh? >> there are a few that can make your race fun and safe if you listen. one of the most common mistakes you can make is wearing something new. wearing something new puts you in a position where you are not familiar with the material you are wearing. they wear the t-shirts given out. wear something you are comfortable with. eating too much or too little. don't affect your race day fuel. showing up late, being unfamiliar with the course.
11:24 am
ignoring the pains can lead to a serious injury if you are not careful. >> i want to talk about eating too much or too little. how do you know? >> the best time to determine that is during your training especially on your big runs. eat something easily digestible, something you are familiar with. you can gauge what your body needs for the race day. >> keith was saying most runners like to eat pasta, a huge plate of it. is that a good idea? >> the day before. not necessarily a few hours before the race. the day before to load up on the carbohydrates you need. >> not before the race. >> probably three hours before the race is better for you to last. >> ignoring the pains, don't do that. >> don't do that. there's a difference between a stitch in your side and running on a twisted ankle. if you experience pain, significant pain or pain you haven't felt before, try walking
11:25 am
for awhile. if that subsides it, great, if not, consider sitting out. you can bench yourself from running if it's a serious injury. >> let's talk ability the things you brought with you today. what do you recommend wearing for race day. >> i recommend not to overdress. your body is going to heat up as you increase your heart rate. wear something that is going to wick the sweat, the moisture off your body. consider a sweat wicking shorts and tops. consider compression shorts that preventings chafing of the skin yet wick away the moisture. >> there are some fabrics better than others. what is this? >> a recycled polyester. some call it dry fit. a lot of athletes are wearing it to keep the sweat off their bodies so they are not weighted down. >> what are those? >> these are similar, they do not have the compression under
11:26 am
it. you can create chafing with these type of shorts. this shirt here, it's got a long sleeve to it to keep your arms warm. you can roll them up or consider warming sleeves that a lot of runners are starting to wear. you can tear them off. >> tear them off and leave them behind as they run. >> yep. gloves are helpful, too, if your hands are cold. >> so, mental strategies? any mental strategies you suggest? >> understanding the route. the day before the race, experience the route. understand where the flat sections are, the turns are, the mile markers so you can understand how far you have to go and conserve your energy. >> doctor, a lot of folks are going to be running with these shoes. thanks for being here. >> absolutely. coming up, the next half hour of news 4 midday, the top
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causes of house fires. skies are slowly clearing. veronica johnson is back with when we could see more seasonable temperatures. all eyes to the sky this morning as daredevil attempts something no one else has
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right now on news 4, a judge sentenced former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky to at least 30 years in prison. he will likely be in prison the rest of his life. a jury convicted sandusky of 45 counts of child sexual abuse. he maintains his innocence and plans to appeal. this is fire prevention week. house fires kill thousands of people every year. most of those fires can be prevented. they released a report on the top causes. tony tull is live where the news conference just wrapped up. what can you tell us about preventing those deadly fires? >> reporter: barbara, good morning. i have to tell you, it's all about smoke detectors. there were a lot of demonstrations. the one thing commonly echoed again and again, smoke
11:31 am
detectors, make sure you have them and they have batteries. take a look behind me, barbara and keith, you can see a mattress they were using for a demonstration. take a look at the video we shot earlier. it is only a demonstration in a controlled environment. the flames are a har ch reminder of how often this plays out in homes. cooking equipment and kitchen fires are the number one cause. here at the consumer product commission in montgomery county, they show how quickly a simple flame can get out of control. your heating and cooling equipment is the next likely culprit including space heaters that kill 100 people a year. fire retardant curtains. i was impressed with how well they worked. no fire to report. overall six people die every day in house fires. a statistic that can be lowered.
11:32 am
>> there are too many fires in the united states. too many fires. they happen every minute every day. as chief mitchell said, six people die every couple minutes here in this united states from a fire. that's a tragedy. >> reporter: barbara and keith, we said at the top of the broadcast here and we are going to say it again, the number one thing, smoke detectors. make sure you have them and the batteries work. have them in every room of your home. it's the most important thing you can do. that is the key to survival. tonetone, news 4. >> thank you so much. another death is linked to the meningitis outbreak. the center for disease control says at least 105 people got sick from the rare fungal infection. two deaths in maryland and virginia. the outbreak has health officials saying it's linked to
11:33 am
steroid use for back pain. the cdc expects the number of cases to continue to rise. >> the incubation period of this illness is prolonged. it's up to a month. we expect new cases around the country for several weeks. >> symptoms for fungal meningitis include fever, stiff neck, nausea and losing your balance. this is not contagious. a relative of one of the grooms of a wedding faces charges for his involvement in a deadly wedding brawl. a hotel guest at the society hill share ton in philadelphia taped it on his smartphone. police booked the 26-year-old on several charges including insighting a rite. he suffered a concussion in the fight. police ticketed to other people for disorderly conduct. an uncle from the bride died in
11:34 am
the melee. the last story is not funny, but mars curiosity rover has a sense of humor. it sent back a photo showing it's surveying an item in the sand. the rover is testing the item to figure out what it is. they believe it's a piece of plastic that fell off the rover. >> despite one of the engines faltering, the x-dragon is expected to return tomorrow. one of the nine engines lost pressure shortly after take off. the flight computers made adjustments to allow the craft to make it to the space station. it was carrying 1,000 pounds of supplies. how incredible is this? it could have lost two engines and still made it. >> we are going to check in with
11:35 am
veronica johnson. she's got her coat on. it's getting chilly. >> she looks like she's ready for the space station. >> i'm ready for the chill, that's for sure. this morning, temperatures are better than yesterday at the same time. still, cloudy skies around the area. a little bit of clearing. no major clearing today. i wanted to show you a look outside and we are going to switch over to what's going on at 9:00 a.m. snow shoe mountain resort, those are big flakes of snow there. it gave the area a light coating at 9:00 a.m. they are scheduled to open saturday december 8. they will open earlier if conditions permit. we'll see. our temperatures running in the 50s. 56. montgomery village, 54. poolsville coming in at 54 degrees. arlington at 53. there's a look at the radar. you can see the showers east. we have just a few sprinkles
11:36 am
leftover right inside prince george's county. really, the rain over. the damp conditions we are trying to get them out of here. i'm hoping for a little bit of sun today. there's a snapshot of early tomorrow morning. despite the clouds, tomorrow is looking like one of the best days out of the workweek. we'll look at your afternoon and tomorrow afternoon. barbara, in a supple minutes. >> thank you. we want to check on the midday traffic. danella, what is it looking like? >> problems on i-95 northbound. all the northbound lanes are blocked at exit 89 due to an earlier tractor trailer accident. it's closed between 89 and 93. be aware of that as you make your commute. use route 40 as an alternate route. here is a look at the bridge work blocking the right lane. stick to the left to get by. keith, over to you. >> hiv and aids is a serious issue for the district.
11:37 am
one in 20 adults is hiv positive. as many as half don't know it. the aids walk washington will take place with more information. we are joined by chip lewis. good morning, chip. let's start by, this is such a serious dilemma in this area. >> it absolutely is. it's one that gets forgotten from time to time. in d.c., one in 20 adults is infected with hiv. half of those don't know that. they are not in treatment. that means not only is their health in danger, but they are running the risk of infecting other people without knowing it. in 2010, 200 aids deaths. today's world, with treatment and prevention techniques, there's no reason for that. it's still a crisis here in the city. >> i read if washington was a country, in terms of aids rate, it would rank near the top half
11:38 am
of countries in africa. are people here aware of how big an epidemic it is? >> that's a good question. we talk about it every chance we get about the rate of hiv here in d.c. i think some of the crisis we had in the '80s and '90s is a loss. treatments are so good now, if you get into care and stay on treatment, you'll die with hiv, not from hiv. the advances and treatment has taken the crisis mentality out of it. people are come placement. we deal with a lot of stigma with it. >> you say stigma. you mention that word. let's talk about it. it's a big barrier. what is the stigma? >> more than three decades into the epidemic. their families make them use paper plates and plastic utensils. we had people asking can i get
11:39 am
it from a mosquito bite or public pool? there's a lot of ignorance and stigma around it. if you are afraid your family is going to react badly if you are diagnosed with hiv, if you don't want them to see your pill bottles, you are less likely to get tested and stay in treatment. >> how big is the fear? when i talk to my friends, you know, a lot of my friends don't want to get tested because they don't want to find out if that answer is positive, what do i do next? a lot of people don't know what to do next. how do you encourage people to get over that fear? >> we offer free hiv testing throughout the week. we encourage people to come in and get tested. it's a scary prospect. this is the diagnosis that is going to change your life. get tested early. get into care. it's not a diagnosis that will end your life. if you get into care, stay on treatment, stay with it, you can
11:40 am
live a normal life span. we encourage people to come in and know. >> whitman walker health raises funds for washington. what are the services you provide? >> free hiv testing, primary medical care, dental care, mental health services, legal help. there's a wide range of services including innovative programs. they see their entire care team on their first visit. the unit that works with patients to make sure they stick to the treatment. >> how can people be part of the walk? >> register now. we are two weeks out. we need everybody to sign up and raise money to help out with the services. >> last, chip, how do you encourage people to embrace when they get that positive news? no doubt, some people are going to get the negative diagnosis and a lot of people are going to
11:41 am
get the positive. >> certainly. we have a group of trained counselors, staff and volunteers trained to give positive results. they will work with someone saying this is not the end of the world. we'll get right into care immediately, meeting doctors, counselors, whatever they need to make the diagnosis. not the end of their life. >> we have a team from nbc 4 taking part in the walk. i plan to be there as well. it's a problem we have to get on top of. slowly, but surely, we can solve it. >> absolutely. >> thank you for stopping by on a serious subject. >> the time is 11:41. a new facebook option. plus, cracking the code. we'll help you read
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you can have your hands on an ipad mini in less than a month. apple orders 10 million units and will release the device on november 2nd. speculation is a new tablet will be 7 inches compared to the larger nine inch. apple dominates the tablet market. online shopping could be as easy as logging on to facebook. the social network giant is testing collections. it allows users to finds items
11:45 am
they want and click on a special want button. people can see the wanted items and go to those stores to buy them. facebook is working with retailers on this including pottery barn and victoria's secret. global economic growth is sending stocks lower. we are going check in with cnbc for that and the rest of the day's business headlines. good morning. >> hello. we started with stocks trading in a narrow range. they have gone negative after a gloomy forecast about the european economy. the dough is down 95 points. the s&p is down 11. the international monetary fund says the global economy is weakening in a report released overnight, they lowered from 3.5% to 3.3% this year and lowering the target for 2013. this is after the world bank cut
11:46 am
their growth estimate for china, the second largest economy. 50,000 demonstrators took to the streets. greece covered much of the ground needed for recovery. she stressed the greek government neats to push through more cost cutting reforms. general motors is hiring more workers. they want to develop their own software and gadgets for their cars instead of buying them from outside sources. the first two in texas and you guessed it, michigan. stocks on the move. edwards life science is dropping 18% after reporting sales of hard valves weaker than expected. yum brands which owns pizza hut, taco bell and kfc is returning to rapid growth i. was enough to send the stock up to just under
11:47 am
$68 per share. barbara, back to you. >> thank you, hampton. beauty products and cosmetics are one of the least regulated consumer products -- doctor, there's a lot of information on labels of everything from shampoo to lotion. you brought us an example of a shampoo label. let's take a look. >> right. >> tell us what we should be looking for. >> well, this is fairly new in that not all products have this labeling. what we really want to see is if there's an active ingredient, what is the active ingredient. >> we should be looking here as we look at the monitor. >> looking at the use. are we using it for the intended use? sometimes when people say the product doesn't work it's because they are not using it for the intended use. drug facts, know exactly what
11:48 am
the active ingredients are, the warning and other information it provides for us. the inactive ingredients, the preservatives, any of the softeners or other items, ingredients in a product and -- >> the result that we want? >> well, say for instance you are allergic to lanolin and if you look at certain warnings, it may tell you those with hypersensitivity to lanolin or hypersensitivity to something else should not use these items. that is probably the first category you should read to make sure you are going to be able to use the product. regardless if it works or not, you won't be able to use it. >> when it comes to those ingredients being listed, is
11:49 am
there a reason why they are listed in a certain order and should we think about why it's listed in that order? >> it actually started as a college student did a thesis on why it was so difficult for her grandmother to know her medications and she was trying to help her grandmother to organize them. she did this as a thesis paper. it's something the fda adopted. she's probably rich somewhere living on an island. it's a great idea. now, there's a systematic way of how everything is really graded. it's all set up the same way. so, you have your indication and why you are using the product. then you have the active ingredient, then the list of all the other ingredients in there. >> so, people say throw products away after the expiration date. if i'm sitting home with shampoo and it's the last i have, and i can't get to the store, i'm not
11:50 am
throwing it away. am i wrong for keeping that little bit of shampoo? >> the reason why we have the expiration date is because just like the story we have on the meningitis, the fungal meningitis. organizisms do grow in preparations regardless of how much preservative or antibacterial, antifungal eights are in it. that's the safety part of it. if you use it the date after it expired, it's not going kill you. >> two years afterward, there might be a problem? >> is the active ingredient active? >> that may be the issue. the active ingredient is no longer helping you. you are wasting your time anyway. the expiration date, i prefer when the expiration date is embossed on the end of the two versus printed. like this shampoo, it's printed. once you have this in the shower
11:51 am
and get it wet a number of times, you are not going to see that expiration date. >> dermatologist tested, all natural, botanical, cruelty free, can we trust these phrases? >> not really. they are cosmetic phrases. there are physicians who work for johnson & johnson and procter & gamble. because they worked on that product, they can say a dermatologist looked at it. they may get a group of dermatologists to say it looks good or smells good or it will do what it's supposed to do. that's what they mean by dermatology tested. it does not specifically mean that a dermatologist has endorsed it. it just means that it's been looked at, possibly in a focus group. >> doctor, at some point in the future, i would like you to test this. this is by d.o. to keep me fresh, my spider lotion and hand
11:52 am
sanitizer. this is not a cigar, it's a nice cologne. >> a birdie told me you like it because of the scent. it's not how you choose products. >> if you want to know more, go to ctrfordermatology. >> the time is 11:52. coming up, we'll hear from the replacement ref responsible for the seasons most controversial call. don't tell me it's the guy who
11:53 am
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11:55 am
the football referee who made one of the most controversial calls in nfl history is standing by his officiating. you have probably never heard of lance but you have seen him signaling touchdown at the end of this monday night football game between the sea hawks and the packers. the call led newscasts including the "today" show the next morning. most sports fans say the pass should have been ruled an interception, he insists he made the right call. he defended himself this morning on the "today" show. >> you have now seen the play what? how many times? >> too many. >> 100 times?
11:56 am
>> probably, it's on tv every day. >> did you make the right call? >> yes. >> you absolutely stand by this call. every sports writer says no. one said it was the worst call he's ever seen in the nfl. >> until they change the rule, i can't do anything about the call. >> many people think the call contributed to the labor agreement between the nfl and referee's union. the sides reached a deal days later. replacement refs have not officiated a game since that monday night. >> today, daredevil felix baumgartner hopes to go out of this world to set a new record. a 23-mile sky dive. so far, weather delayed the jump. he hopes to complete it today. he'll jump out of a balloon over new mexico and will be free falling at speeds over 700 miles an hour. he could also break the sound barrier. >> let's jump ahead to the
11:57 am
stories we are following on news 4 this afternoon. pat lawson muse is in the news room with a preview. hey, pat. >> coming up, a high school suspends a group of students for eating energy mints. the school is sticking by the decision. we'll have that story. >> see the world east most famous chefs battle it out to fight hunger in d.c. we'll have that. coming up at 5:00, why more and more potential kidney donors are being turned away even though there's a growing need. it's a very important story. the latest news coming up at 4:00. keith? >> pat, see you then. >> let's get a final check on the weather. here is veronica. >> i'm fascinated by the baumgartner story. >> isn't that amazing? >> in another life i'd like to go 700 miles per hour. >> why not next week? >> i haven't trained yet. i'll be back. hopefully, he'll be jumping with a clear sky. you can see all the clouds we have now. 57 degrees is the temperature. clouds will be winning out
11:58 am
today. at least the rain is east. storm team 4 radar, you can see it, showers in delaware and salisbury. chilly one today. feeling like november. we are higher with a high temperature of 60 degrees. tomorrow, guys, look at this, we get up to 70. this weekend, 75 on sunday. >> if you train to do it, we'll follow you with a camera. >> okay. >> the forecast breaking the speed of sound, that's for sure. >> thank you. >> thanks for watching news 4 midday. join us at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 for the news. >> we'll be back tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. until then, have a [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom!
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i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun.

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